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Savings Plans

The savings plan is a way to start participating in the financial markets, using a defensive strategy, without to much effort.

Is it possible to start earning, without to much learning?

This probably sounds like music to your ears doesn’t it? We can help you by informing you of a way to start investing in any asset class without actually needing to study markets or study technical analyses for hours. The savings plan is a way to start participating in the financial markets, using a defensive strategy, without to much effort. 

What is your savings plan?

If you are sick of the current interest rate on your savings and you would like to earn some money by investing in “sound” money asset, then you are at the right place. Do you want to save money every month? Then our savings plan might be just what you need.The savings plan is a service in which we explain different ways to save up for your retirement, for your wedding or just save up for difficult times. How do we do that? We do that by using a Dollar cost averaging strategy in a scarce asset.

How does it work?

With our plan your dedicated account manager will help you setup all the details when it comes to Dollar cost averaging into a asset that you like. Dollar cost averaging is buying on a set time each day week or month. You do this because you believe that asset will appreciate in value over the long run. You will be able to choose a Daily, Weekly or Monthly investment amount. 

Why should you automate your finances?

In investing you can be your own worst enemy by choosing wrong moments to buy or to sell. A lot of people buy when the prices are high and sell when the prices are low and therefore losing money. By automating these decisions you won’t have to worry about this any longer. By automating your investments you will make sure to never miss a moment of saving and the best part is that after a while you will be used to that amount going into your savings each and every week/month.


In deze video laten wij jou zien hoe jij van een “klein” bedrag per maand, week of per dag naar een heel groot bedrag toe kan werken. Resultaten uit het verleden zijn nooit een garantie voor de toekomst, maar wanneer wij terugkijken naar de geschidenis zien we dat dit wel vaak rijmt!

Wil jij zelf berekenen hoeveel jij zou kunnen gaan verdienen met een D.C.A. strategie? Kijk dan hier!


In this video we will be showing how you can hypothetically go from a small Daily, Weekly or Monthly investment to a large portfolio. Results of the past are never a guarantee for the future, but they usually rhime!

Do you want to calculate what could be possible for you using a D.C.A strategy? Take a look here!


We are not selling financial advice or a financial service, our account managers never have acces to any of the customers funds and have no intention to operate on behalf of the customer. Our experts are not financial advisors and do not have a permit to operate Financial services as stated in our terms and conditions. Investing comes with risk and it is possible that you lose a part (or all) of your investment. If you would like to know more take a look at our Terms of Agreement