What is your savings plan?

If you are sick of the current interest rate on your savings and you would like to earn some money by investing in “sound” money asset, then you are at the right place. The experts of Forallcrypto are dedicated to help you prepare for your future. We launched a dedicated service called the savings plan, in this plan we help you setup a sound plan to prepare for your retirement.

Why choose for sound money principles?

The experts of Forallcrypto are worried about the current financial system of fiduciar money and the ridiculous amount of money printing that comes with it. We decided that it was time to share our method and give people a place where we have the oppurtunity to protect ourselves against the current monetary system. The current monetary system is build around central banks with their aggresive expansive monetary policies of putting the world in more and more debt. Wouldn’t you like to be protected if a bank fails?

How does it work?

With our plan your dedicated account manager will help you setup all the details when it comes to Dollar cost averaging into a asset that you like. You will be able to choose your Daily, Weekly or monthly investment amount.  And save this up in an asset that you like. We predominantly get request for savings plans in things like Bitcoin or Gold, but any asset will be possible. 

What do we help you with?

Your account manager is going to asses the risk level that you would like to endure for your savings plan. We have different assets in which you can invest. We provide platforms where you can invest in cryptocurrencies like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Ripple. And platforms where you can invest in commodities like: Gold Silver and Palladium. Even platforms where you can mix the investments by saying we want to invest 80% in X and 20% in Y, it is all up to you.

Our experts are here to advise you, our account managers will never need your credentials or your specific codes, this way you are always in control of your own funds. Our Account managers are here to help you setup something for yourself. ts.




Savings plan

– Dedicated account manager
– Setup 1 account for Automated savings
– Discussing current financial situation
– Explanation of the methods and possibilities
– We discuss your daily, weekly or monthly investment amount
– You are in control of your funds and your account