Your weekly crypto price update

Your weekly crypto price update

Every week we share our top 5 with you, the top 5 was chosen in January 2020, which means that it is almost time for you to choose the next top 5 coins!

Crypto week:

The last week has been very volatile with huge price movements in all cryptocurrency trading pairs. The price kept on Increasing after the election and the announcement of the president-elect. While we are still waiting on confirmation for the president announcement Bitcoin did once again not care. If you have followed our tradingview analyses then you would now see that we have now touched all of the targets and are waiting for clear signals where to go next! Updates will be placed on our Tradingview page, so make sure to subscribe!

Weekly Winner:

The winner of this week was Bitcoin, Bitcoin 3% to a value of almost $16.000 we closed just below it at $15965! An increase of $465 making it the biggest gainer of this week.

Weekly Loser:

The “loser” of this week clearly was Digibyte, losing almost 12% of its value in a single week, dropping from 2.1 to 1.9 cents. And fall from place 55 to the 60th place in the overall rankings of all cryptocurrencies.

This week was very volatile with winners and losers. Most of the alts were heavily outperformed by Bitcoin and have had no chance at turning the tabels yet. The price is currently at the last stage before we are going to touch the all time High and we are closely watching the price movements for the coming week! 

We are ofcourse looking for a new top 5 for the coming year and we would like to have your help with choosing, the first voting is going to be done through twitter so make sure to comment your favorite coin on these tweets: International/ Dutch tweet

We have them online for our Dutch and our International pages!

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