Your weekly crypto price update w48

Every week we share our top 5 with you, the top 5 was chosen in January 2020, which means that it is almost time for you to choose the next top 5 coins!

Crypto week:

One of the best weeks for cryptocurrencies in a long long time! We saw all cryptocurrencies jump double digit percentages!

Weekly Winner:

The winner of this week clearly was Litecoin, Litecoin rose over 133% to a value of $83,- increasing from little under $63 in one week gaining almost exactly 20 dollars per coin. Making it the obvious winner of this week!

Litecoin managed to put the other coins way back in the rear view mirror, being the only coin that managed to gain more that 10% against Bitcoin 15.5% to be exact!

Weekly Loser:

The “loser” of this week was Digibyte, Digibyte was the only coin that increased less than 20% on a weekly basis, Digibyte managed to grow 18.25% to a value of 2.2 cents.

Against Bitcoin Digibyte managed to climb, but unfortunately it was not enough to get ahead on the competition because it increased from 116 to 119 satoshi’s.


This week was one of the best that we have seen in a very long time. Bitcoin is near all time highs and does not give the feeling that it will decrease in price anytime soon! All coins where winners this week but only one coin had a less than 20% increase against BTC and that was Digibyte. The only coin that managed to gain over 30% was Litecoin, Litcoin increased its value from 63 to 83 dollars increasing almost 20 dollars per coin in a single week!

We are ofcourse looking for a new top 5 for the coming year and we would like to have your help with choosing, the first voting is going to be done through twitter so make sure to comment your favorite coin on these tweets: International/ Dutch tweet

We have them online for our Dutch and our International pages!

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