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Investors Course - Videos

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Chapter 4

Trading versus investing

This chapter entails the difference between a investor and a daytrader. Both strategies can be hugely profitable but they have a completely different approach. 

Chapter 5

How to use trading view

This chapters entails everything about the most important charting tool in the toolbox of every investor: Tradingview. 

Chapter 6

Explaining exchanges: Binance

This chapter gives you an in depth explanation on how to use Binance. After this lesson you will be able to put your trades on automatic pilot. 

Chapter 7

Explaining exchanges: Margin trading

This topic entails everything there is to know about margin trading on different exchanges like Bitmex and Bybit. 

Chapter 8

Psychological cycles

This Chapters entails the psychological aspects of market cycles. Focussing on the Boom-Bust cycle.

Chapter 9

Diversification of the portfolio

This chapter entails about different markets and the way to diversify your portfolio to minimize your downside and maximize your upside.

Chapter 10

Strategy and risk management

This chapter consists of 8 different lessons to learn you the most important skill for investors and traders: Risk management!

Chapter 11

Fundamental analyses

This chapter consists of 10 lessons to give you an in depth explanation on how to do a full Fundamental analyses.