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Daytrading Course - Videos

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Chapter 12

Technical analyses: Indicators

12.1 Introduction to: Technical analyses

12.2 Introduction to: Support levels

12.3 Introduction to: Resistance levels

12.4 Introduction to: Fibonacci retracement

12.5 Introduction to: Relative Strength index

12.6 Introduction to: Moving Average Convergence Divergence

12.7 Introduction to: Simple moving averages

12.8 Introduction to: Ichimoku clouds

12.9 Introduction to: Volume trading

12.10 Introduction to: Bollinger bands

12.11 Introduction to: Candlestick patterns

12.12 Introduction to: The order book

Chapter 13

Technical analyses: Technical Patterns

13.1 Introduction to: Technical patterns

13.2 Introduction to: Head and shoulders patterns

13.3 Introduction to: Wedge  patterns

13.4 Introduction to: Double top  patterns

13.5 Introduction to: Triple Top patterns

13.6 Introduction to: Rectangle patterns

13.7 Introduction to: Flag patterns

13.8 Introduction to: Channel patterns 

13.9 Introduction to: Triangle patterns

13.10 Introduction to: pennant patterns

13.11 Introduction to: Cup and Handle patterns

Chapter 14

Technical analyses: Price Action (PA)

14.1  Introduction to Price Action (PA)

14.2  Introduction to: Trading the Trend

14.3  Introduction to: Finding an entry in the ruling trend

14.4  Introduction to: Support and resistance lines

14.5  Introduction to: Dynamic Trendlines

14.6  Introduction to: Ranging markets

Chapter 15

Technical analyses: Tying it altogether with the Top-Down analyses

15.1  Introduction to Top down analyses

15.2 Top down analyses: Spotting Horizontal support and resistance zones

15.3 Top down analyses: Spotting Dynamic Trendlines

15.4 Top down analyses: Indicator Trading

15.5 Top down analyses: Spotting the Candlestick Patterns

15.6 Top down analyses: The best way for you