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3. Crypto Mining

Welcome to the free Blockchain Basics course Chapter 3!

3. Crypto Mining

The Blockchain Basics course is designed to help you become familiar with cryptocurrencies. We want to provide everyone with a bundled pack of basic information about the cryptocurrency markets!

Lesson 7

What is mining?

Lesson 7 is going to entail, what mining is and how it works. After reading this chapter you will have a more clear picture on one of the fundamental aspects of Bitcoin!

lesson 8

Is mining profitable for me?

Lesson 8 is going to tell you how you can find out wether cryptocurrency mining is going to be profitable for you!

lesson 9

What is a 51% attack?

Lesson 9 entails what it takes to “attack” a cryptocurrency. This is one of the dangers (especially) for low cap coins which have very little miners to protect the network!