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2. Blockchain Basics

Welcome to the free Blockchain Basics course chapter 2!

2. Blockchain Basics

The Blockchain Basics course is designed to help you become familiar with cryptocurrencies. We want to provide everyone with a bundled pack of basic information about the cryptocurrency markets!

Lesson 2

What is Blockchain?

Lesson 2 is going to explain to you what a Blockchain entails. The Blockchain is a fundamental aspect of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and it is therefore vital to understand what it entails!

lesson 3

What is bitcoin?

Lesson 3 is going to be entailing you all about Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. Since Bitcoin is the first Digitally scarce object it is important to know what properties form it!

lesson 4

Bitcoin versus the current financial system

Lesson 4 is going to be about perspective. This is where we learn the place of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in comparison to the current financial system!

Lesson 5

Secure storage of your cryptocurrencies

Lesson 5 is all about the safe storage of your cryptocurrencies. We will explain to you how you can make sure that your funds are safely stored!

lesson 6

Bitcoin and taxes

Lesson 6 is going to explain an example of paying taxes on your Bitcoin investment. This is a basic example and should ofcourse be discussed with your personal Tax advisor!