More advanced fundamental and technical analyses

The crypto school is made to let everyone learn something about the basics of cryptocurrencies for free, with explanations about mining, trading and more!


In our book, The Art of Trading Cryptocurrencies, we explain everything there is when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We start with some basic explanations about what is Bitcoin and Blockchain, followed by more in depth chapters like risk management, trading psychology and many more. After we tell you the basics of cryptocurrencies we will start with the two most important factors when it comes to actually trading and day trading cryptocurrencies.

The first thing that we give a great insight in will be the Fundamental analyses of Cryptocurrencies. A fundamental analyses in stocks is based on the balance sheet of a company and the sales that they made. In crypto this is a lot harder to do, this because a cryptocurrency has no owner. There can only be users, investors and development teams.

The second part that we believe is the most important when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies is the Technical analyses. In this part you will learn all of the techniques used in trading. We will discuss and explain all of the useful’ indicators, chart patterns and candle patterns and show real life examples how these patterns work and how you can benefit from them!