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What are you going to learn?

Forallcrypto started in 2016 with writing down all of the things that it learned in the journey of becoming more familiar into the cryptocurrency markets. You can see this as all different papers, different subjects come by and they are ranked from simple to hard. 

Some of you want to become a trader, some have time to stay up to date with the markets and some just want to become an investor who does not have the time to be on top of the markets all the time, because of their job or their interest levels. 

We therefore decided to give you guys acces to all of our papers in seperate ways. 

Step 1 : Blockchain Basics

Firstly we provide you with the basic information for FREE! 

Our mission is to help as much people understand more about the new era as possible and this can ofcourse only be achieved if people get incentives to start learning about cryptocurrencies! 

Many of our competitors offer a basic cryptocurrency course for $10-$20-$50 or some even $100! We decided that the first part of learning about crypto should be free and you can find the free part of the course HERE! The free course consists of more than 10 lessons about the basics of cryptocurrencies!

Step 2: Investors Course

The second step to start learning about cryptocurrencies is to know more about the psychology behind trading, to know the difference between trading and investing and how to use platforms related to the cryptocurrency markets. This information is for the starters, not just the people that want to know more about Bitcoin but really people that want to own a piece of a Bitcoin! The most important knowledge that you will have after going thru step 2 is that you will know what is going to suit you! Will you become an investor, will you become a trader or are you going to make a living from Daytrading cryptocurrencies!? The course on your personal path consists of 8 big lessons of which 4 are about important things to know before you start trading and 4 in depth lessons on using the platforms that you are going to use correctly! So buying this course will give you almost 20 lessons in trading cryptocurrencies

Step 3: Daytrading Course

Step 3 Is the Trading and investing bootcamp. This is the final step, when you finish our Trading Bootcamp course you will have all of the information to become profitable as a trader. We have dedicated 10 lessons to strategy and risk management, 10 lessons to fundamental analyses, 13 lessons to technical analyses and indicators, 24 chapters to technical analyses and price pattern recognition, 6 lessons to Price action trading and 10 lessons to top-down analyses. Resulting in a cryptocurrency Technical analyses course with over 75 different lessons! So buying this course will give you over 100 lessons about cryptocurrencies. 

As a bonus, as a bonus we also provide our members to become a part of the Forallcrypto traders community. This community is full of people that have mastered the daytrading skills on a very high level and also full with people that are trying to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets. Forallcrypto provides a place for all of these bright people to come together in one place, where they can discuss their analyses, help eachother with finding new investment oppertunities and more! 

If you are new to trading and have no experience in trading then we understand that becoming a member and start sharing your analyses might be a step to far, therefore when you become a member in the Forallcrypto community you will receive: Daily, Weekly and Monthly breakdowns from the Forallcrypto team to take you by the hand. These analyses show you the exact steps on how to analyze a graph and what to look out for. Where confluences can be found and what signals might be false!

Forallcrypto basic course for FREE

Chapter 1


Chapter is going to give you an introduction to Forallcrypto and what you are going to learn in the courses. We wil explain everything you need to know before getting started with our Free Blockchain Basics course!

Chapter 2

Blockchain Basics

Chapter 2 is going to explain several important topics to you. Topics like, what is a Bitcoin, Bitcoin and Taxes, Secure storage of your crypto, What is a Blockchain and how we can compare Bitcoin to the current Financial system! So if you have any interest in learning about Bitcoin this chapter will suit you well!

Chapter 3

Crypto Mining

Chapter 3 is going to explain the most important things about cryptocurrency mining. Explaining what mining is, how it works and wether it is profitable for you. So if you have any interest in cryptocurrency mining this chapter will suit you wel!

Forallcrypto all courses


Basic Course

Step 1

The basics course is designed because not everyone wants to become an investor. But some do want to know what their friends and family are talking about. With our free Blockchain Basics course you will learn all the basic information you need to impress your friends and family!


Investors Course

Step 2

In our first premium course you will learn how to be an investor in cryptocurrency. You will make your first analyses and learn to make Fundamental analyses on every cryptocurrency that you would like. You will be able to answer the question on wether you would like to become a Daytrader!


Daytrading course

Step 3

Our second premium course is all about daytrading and analyzing charts. When you have finished this course you will be able to provide a full top-down analyses of every single asset someone hands to you. You will be able to spot trends, judge price action, use indicators and analyze candles!