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Starting with crypto art (NFT's)

In this workshop you will learn all important information about NFT"s and after completing this workshop you will have made your first piece of crypto art!

What do I get from this workshop?

During the workshop one of our account managers will explain to you how NFt’s got started, are working and will take you on a tour through the most famous NFT platforms. We will be looking at: Opensea, Rarible and AirNFT!

How does it work?

You will book an individual or group appointment, the Account manager will then guide you through the important aspects of the NFT markets and show the most important functions. After that you will start to work on your first NFT and het it listed on one of the chosen platforms!

Why would you want to follow this workshop?

Because you are interested in the NFT market. Because you would like to make digital art. Because you would like to trade digital pieces of art. Alltogether there are enough reasons to enroll in one of our workshops! Let us know and register down below!